Jesmonite White Marble Head Project


Our latest project for Berlin based artist Jonathan Monk.

This project is still 'work in progress' although Jonathan has very kindly given permission to use it as our first 3D Spin demo.

This head is made of a water-based resin called AC730 which has a white marble aggregate added to the mix to give it the appearance of real marble. The surface was sanded back to expose the aggregate underneath and then polished with granite wax to bring out the shine.

This turned out to be a very challenging project mainly due to the size and weight. The head is 15% larger than life and the finished Jesmonite cast including the base weighs just under 30kgs!
We were commissioned to make 7 of these casts and they will hopefully be unveiled across Europe some time throughout 2012.

Although the project was run by ourselves we did have some great help along the way...
We would like to say a big thank you to Jeni for her amazing sculpting work and also a huge thank you to all the talented staff at Jesmonite for their help and support.
This is the biggest water-based resin cast we have ever been involved with and I must say we would definitely use it again.

See a 360° view by clicking HERE.




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